Guanabo is located on the beach of the famous „playas del este“ comparable with many other beautiful sandy beaches in Cuba, just 25 km from the historic center of Havana. It is a typical seaside town, mainly frequented by Cubans who especially in summer come to vacation here. In Guanabo you can experience the real Cuban life. Just relax on the beach with a mojito and talk to the local people.

In the evening Guanabo offers a lot of fun. There are plenty restaurants and bars, almost all along the Avenida 5, Guanabo’s main street. The Chicken Little is our prefered restaurant and offers fresh food in a nice atmosphere for a decent price. For dance and music lovers, the best nightclubs are the Guanabo Club, El Cubano and Guanima. Visit the concerts of famous Cuban singers and glamorous dance shows, not to be missed!

From Guanabo you can reach the historic center of Havana by public bus or private Jeep-Taxi (6 to 8 people) for only 1 CUC (1 USD) .