School is a kitesurfing school in Guanabo and Brisas del Mar at the Playas del Este, 35 km distance from Havana. We offer you all kind of professional courses for beginners, advanced or professional kitesurfers.
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Yasel is the founder of the school and a kitesurfing maniac. He won the CubanKitesurfingContest recently and loves to travel along the coastline of Cuba searching for virgin beaches made for kitesurfing.
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Support Team

Support Team

Liz, Katia, Jorge and Ernesto are giving kite lessons and will support you preparing your trip to Cuba. We will sent you a list of the articles you should bring with because it is not available in Cuba or very expensive to buy.
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In the evening Guanabo offers a lot of fun. There are plenty restaurants and bars, almost all along the Avenida 5, Guanabo’s main street. The Chicken Little is our prefered restaurant and offers fresh food in a nice atmosphere for a decent price. For dance and music lovers, the best nightclubs are the Guanabo Club, El Cubano and Guanima. Visit the concerts of famous Cuban singers and glamorous dance shows, not to be missed!

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Location for Guanabo

Guanabo is located on the beach of the famous „playas del este“ comparable with many other beautiful sandy beaches in Cuba, just 25 km from the historic center of Havana.


Our most booked package is the 3 days kitesurfing school (Get Hooked & Get Wet & Riding)
with 4 hours per day or 4 days with 3 hours per day, depending on your personal wish.



Lessons contain full equipment: Kite, Board, Harness, Kite Control Bar, Safety Release System, Leashes, Straps, Helmet, Impact Vest. Bring your own long sleeve wetsuit for colder days in january.

2 hours: GET HOOKED

Understanding the wind

Flying a trainer kite to learn how to steer

Correctly setting up the water kite

Safety on the beach & in the water

Private: USD 90,- (USD 45,- 1 hour 1 student)

Two people: USD 120,- (USD 30,- 1 hour 1 student)

4 hours: GET WET

First piloting of the kite in the water

Relaunch kite in the water
Fly the kite to pull you through the water
Private: USD 160,- (USD 40,- 1 hour 1 student)
Two people: USD 200,- (USD 25,- 1 hour 1 student)

6 hours: RIDING

Upwind body dragging & self rescue

Standing up & board riding skills
Launching & landing the kite
Private: USD 240,- (USD 40,- 1 hour 1 student)
Two people: USD 300,- (USD 25,- 1 hour 1 student)


Hidden surf beaches

Believe it or not but Cuba (including all islands) has a total coastline of 3.735 km! The most beautiful beaches are located in the north and many are virgin or have never seen anybody else than a fisherman in his tiny boat.

We offer guided tours to such places but under the condition that you can live without any kind of hotel service or the amenities of a well equipped casa particular. This will be quite an experience.

Prices on request.

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